What people are saying

"She made feel like my business was me and it gets to go my way and I get to be really fully expressed in it.

I’m so thankful for all the jewels and the nuggets of wisdom that Natalie has given me they’ve helped me SO much in my journey and in my own coaching practice."

                                          -Jill Stella

"I’ve honour to work with Natalie both professionally & personally. I can honestly say I’ve never felt alone. You are such a guiding light. You always listen too intently. 

Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and continue to do for me."

                                        -Bree Burke-Gaffney

"Natalie is an inspiring figure in the holistic community. 

She facilitates an environment of great support and spiritual growth. I highly recommend this wonderful being to anyone seeking spiritual healing & guidance."

                      -Chantaine LaFleur, Entrepreneur

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"Working with Natalie has been such a wonderful journey. A lot of challenges that I had no clue I was struggling with. This program is designed in such a genuine way. It really makes you think in a critical way. It really expands the way I have perceived myself & the world in front of me. I have Natalie to thank for you. It was such a pleasure & wonderful opportunity to experience the growth I had.

So thank you so much Natalie." 

                                      -Shauna Aubry

"Every single week I saw the most amazing things unfold in front of me...Now I am able to manifest and watch things come to life. In 8 weeks, my business has changed and grown so much & I signed on for the next program to see where it takes me from here. I think if you're experiencing a block or not really sure where to go next & need a bit of guidance this is the program for you. It's for business, it's for life.. it's for your soul. I'm so grateful for it. So thank you Natalie for making such an amazing program." 

                                      -Marina Billinghurst