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Confidence, Resistance and the Female Entrepreneur

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Why is it so hard to get the tasks we need to get done? Why is it so hard to have the confidence to make defining changes in our life, careers, relationships?

If I had to describe how resistance feels, it would have to be compared to the wind. A soft, unnoticeable breeze that overtakes you. It’s so secretive the way it slips into our hair and seeps into our skin.

It’s there. It’s oh so distracting. And it diminishes our confidence one gust at a time.

If you ask me, the absolute foundational aspect of succeeding at anything in life, is confidence. Not to mention trying to establish a profitable business allowing you to live the life you dream of.

You need confidence. And you need to know where to find it and make it stay before we can get to understanding how resistance comes into play.

Confidence lives in you. It lives in your internal make-up waiting on you to nurture it’s growth. When you do this, it translates into believing in yourself. Believing in yourself because you LOVE yourself. Loving yourself until you BELIEVE in yourself. That’s how it works, hand in hand.

But why is it so dam hard to have confidence?

Why is it so hard to get the tasks we need to get done? Why is it so hard to have the confidence to make defining changes in our life, careers, relationships?

Because of that wind. Because of resistance.

Let’s break this down.

Your internal make-up has an ego. Correct? Yes. So what is your ego’s purpose?

In the spiritual world, most will tell you “DESTROY THE EGO”… I say, why destroy a part of yourself that is only trying to protect you? In my eyes, the ego is meant to protect you at all costs. It saves your life when you need it to. It shows you dark sides of yourself that exist so you can evolve stronger, faster and brighter.

SO why would you destroy it when you can learn from it?

And you need to learn from it right now more than ever if you are facing any particle of resistance. Or resistance will swallow you whole along with your confidence and your dreams.

And if swallowed, where will it lead you?

Repeating the same patterns and convincing yourself how good you are at being comfortable.

Confidence, true unshakable confidence, comes from loving yourself whole. The dark (or ego) side AND the bright, beautiful (or light) side you encapsulate. When you love your ego, your darkness, your pain, you become so unbreakable, resistance will hit your very tough and very thick wind breaker jacket.

And yes, it takes time to make this wind breaker jacket. Especially if you want to make it non-penetrative. Yet every mini-battle with resistance, long or short, where you stand a champion, is worth it. So, so worth it.

The only aspect you need to know from here is what resistance looks like. And more importantly, what it feels like. Being able to recognize it when it comes is the first step. You’ll be surprised what it looks like. Because it’s people in your life, and thoughts in your head. It’s old patterns and old, outdated men in our life. It’s your friend that calls you in the middle of work and instead of saying, “I’ll call you back in a little bit”, you chat on the phone for 45 minutes. It’s all around you. Testing you and seeing if you are wearing your jacket.

And you know when resistance gets the strongest?

When you are about to do something that will change your life forever. That will enhance and change the way you think, feel and speak.


Because your best friend the Ego steps in to says, “NOPE thats scary. You’re not ready for this. There are so many ways you can fail. It’s better to just stay where you are. Maybe in a couple years.” And then OTHER people’s egos do and say the same things because they are fearful for us- and fear only activates the ego. As a protective guardian, the ego is only doing it’s job. It’s warning us of POSSIBLE danger. But not life threatening danger in these cases. And if someone cares about you, truly care for you, it’s only natural to worry. But please, do not listen to them in those moments. Stay true to your heart.

And certainly put on your wind breaker jacket every day. Recognize when fearful doubting thoughts come in your head, send gratitude and tell yourself,

“This ain’t nothing but resistance. This must mean growth is at my doorstep… Bring it on.”

And of course, love yourself until you believe in yourself. All parts of yourself.

Got me?

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