• Natalie Kehren

How Sharing My My Most Vulnerable Side With The World Was A Game Changer

We’ve all been there. Faced with the choice to either share a very vulnerable side of ourself with someone, or a group of people, OR wait for another day. If you’ve ever chosen, the ‘wait for another day’ option, you know the feeling that follows. The endless nagging, deflating, anxious feeling that seems to get bigger every time you choose to wait.

By sharing this story, my only intention is to help you find the courage to face YOUR truth, no matter how big, or intimidating it may be and share it with the world. And if you’re a female entrepreneur, then I hope that moment is a game changer for you, just like it did for me.

I have the classic story of when I was younger, I always felt a little different. I knew things without knowing how I knew, I could hear people’s thoughts, I had a heightened sense of smell, a vivd imagination, a creative juice that came oozing out of me every chance it had and, I could easily feel what others were feeling.

Now, some would say that’s really awesome!.. I’m telling you that growing up in a society, which I personally wouldn’t call a ‘modern’ one, made it really difficult to fully thrive. Our current society may be a little better than back in the 90’s & early 2000’s when I was facing this internal battle, yet to me, it has a long way to go in relation to the unlearning of limiting beliefs, systematic approaches and above all, taking the spiritual-ness out of well, almost everything.

We each have a spirit. We are all spiritual. Yet we live in a world who’s mentality is seeing is believing.

I’ve always been someone who’s believed in believing is seeing.

As I grew up, all the locked parts of myself that were nagging to get out, started to become REALLY defined in my life. After lots of big lessons, chaos and devastation in different areas, these sensitivities got stronger.

I knew I was a psychic and medium when I was around 25 years old— or rather, was ready to officially admit it to myself. After starting my business, I saw this gift could help so many people in my online community, and with a big push from my Spirit Team (this is my word for the Divine connection I have with the spirits who support me always— and yes I speak to them everyday with every decision I make), I finally announced it and starting offering readings in my Online Programs and One-one Private Sessions.

It was one of the scariest moves I ever made. Especially because I was so use to hiding this part of me even though it followed me everywhere I went.

Now, WHY is it a game changer?

First of all, it feels amazing to have something that has been weighing on your heart finally lift off! Yet that’s not the most amazing part. The bigger part to this is what happens to you energetically, when you fully open yourself up to the Universe, to the world. You start an energetic opening that invites opportunities, clients, people, situations, connections to come to you. It’s the old say, you get what you give— except in a much more positive light.

My whole business changed when I did this. It was at a point where I knew it needed something in order to grow, I just was not expecting it was calling for me to finally share this. It’s almost like, now that I’ve done it, the final path that needed to open in my business finally did.

I have new clients in greater abundance, new speaking opportunities which has inspired me to set new goals. I even offer free mediumship readings every six weeks on my Instagram page.

You need to know that the minute you take a chance on you and open yourself up to trust in something bigger than you, the bigger something opens up right back. And with IMMEDIATE response. Especially if it’s been waiting for you to do something for a long time. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, it the thing nagging at your heart strings right now.

If you’re reading this, and you have that nagging feeling, I want to say, you have nothing to fear. There is more abundance to go around than you can ever imagine. That vulnerable side of yourself is YOUR greatest gift. Believe in it.

And believe in the magic of this world because you’ll begin to see it.

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