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Phases of the Moon & Productivity

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

We ARE connected to the Moon. Period. There is something magical about it. Something that makes us feel we are apart of something cosmic. Something bigger.

Because we are.

We are meant to heal, nurture, create, love, spread joy and let the Moon’s wisdom rein through us.

It’s my belief that women, in whatever life path they lead, heal the people around them when they are healing. It’s a ripple effect and some day, somehow, each of our ripples will meet each other. And that’s when we’ll see massive change in this world.

So what does being connected to the Moon have to do with female entrepreneurs and productivity?

Well, each phase of the Moon brings gives us something different. And because it’s a consistent 28 day cycle, we can deeply tune into it and leverage it’s beautiful power.

There are 4 essential phases:

  • New Moon

  • Waxing Moon

  • Full Moon

  • Waning Moon

You may notice certain days you are FULL of energy, a little ungrounded yet ready to take on the world. While other days, you are a little fatigued, heck VERY fatigued, sleep more and stay in to take baths or journal—whichever self-care practice you gravitate towards.

The Moon cycle repeats on a very consistent, very timed schedule. It’s Moon time and Moon energy. And it’s very impactful. It’s VERY real.

I’m going to give you a brief description of each Moon phase and I’m sure it’ll start to connect some dots.

New Moon Phase is a time when the energy slows down. We become very intuitive, very creative and in-touch with our feminine superpowers. We can feel everything more deeply at this time. This is when the Moon is dark and not seen in the sky. So we tend to want to stay in doors away from social situations. We feel vulnerable and deeply connected to our womb areas- especially if this is the time you bleed. If not, you will still feel this energy deeply. It’s a time when self-care is calling us and we need to slow down. It’s a time of release and cleansing, just as our wombs do.

Waxing Moon Phase is when the Moon begins to return. We start to feel more energetic everyday. We begin to settle into any new ideas or intuitive insights we gained during the previous phase. It’s a time to start picking up the pace and get back out there. The energy is building back up to it’s full expression. And so are we.

Full Moon Phase is when the Moon is seen fully in the sky, it’s in full bloom. It’s energy is so powerful, everyone around us feels it. We feel full, expansive an energetic. We are also a lot more sexual around this time. It is a time for manifestation, setting intentions, giving us the ability to be seen and heard. It’s a time of expressing ourselves fully and we feel secure to do so. Because of all the energy, we may have difficulty sleeping, or be a little ungrounded.

Waning Moon Phase is a time when the energy starts to lessen and we go back into self-care as we approach the New Moon. We start to feel more grounded and intuitive. Yet we start to begin to feel things more deeply again. We begin to let go of anything we are carrying and prepare for the final release during the New Moon. It’s a time of intention and space.

After reading this, can you see how working WITH this cycle is empowering?

As female entrepreneurs, timing is everything. Planning with this cycle helps with efficiency, time management and being in flow with you personal growth reflecting your business.

For example, during the New Moon Phase, I find a space to do all my creative work. No meetings, scheduled events unless absolutely necessary. Around the Full Moon plan more meetings, events and my productivity work.

Work with these phases in the ways that resonate with you. Always follow your intuition and let the Phases of the Moon be a source of empowering strength. May it deepen your personal and spiritual growth along with your business!

Let’s flow girl.

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