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Time Management on “Goddess Time”

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Okay, Goddesses, this one’s for you. I really try to use the word Goddess as least as possible because I find it’s overused and looses it’s power. Yet, this article calls for the powerful intention behind the word and helps us dive into what Time Management looks like to women who are so raw, so intuitive that time can become, well, very dimensional.

The trouble with this is that time DOES exist in a very REAL way-especially if you are a female entrepreneur kicking-ass on the daily.

If you’re well practiced, you have the Google Calendars, email responses, to-do lists & mapped out hourly schedule down to an art. But if you’re newer at this or maybe even well established & find yourself getting caught up in time & space, then this article is for you.

What do I mean when I say time becomes dimensional?

Let me ask you a couple questions before we move on to the answer.

Have you ever been in a moment where you are hustling along, doing what you need to do and all of a sudden you realize time has gone by WAY too fast? You are almost dumbfounded from it and find yourself out of time to complete important tasks?

Have you ever lost the sense of a “weekend” or forget what day it is?

Do you have trouble planning out specific timed tasks & following through?

If these questions resonate with you and the answer to them is YES, then you are on what I call, “Goddess Time.” Which means, you operate in a space that is based on feeling, intuition and raw wild pursuit. It means one moment you can feel complete alignment, while the next moment an energetic force can surge through you pushing you to feel the urge to dance, sing & express yourself— or take a nap. It’s unmapped territory. It’s fleeting. AND, it’s also very REAL- as real as the water you drink & the flowers you pick.

So how is time dimensional? Well, in dimensions, time is linear. Meaning you are as a wild Goddess, operating from a space of expansive, linear expression. Where you are so connected to all aspects of yourself and the Universe, it all becomes one jumbled timeline. It would be as if you took a pen and started to draw without lifting your pen from the paper.

You can see how this can mess things up a little.

How time can become hard to catch. Yet, the rawness that comes from this dimension can be so inspiring. It becomes a place you draw from to create your best ideas and work.

So how do we manage both?

Living between two spaces or many dimensional spaces requires a lot of energetic stamina. The first tool here will be how well you take care of your body to endure the wild journey you are consistently flowing through. Lots of water. Lots of healthy rest. LOTS of boundaries. It’s easy to flow but it’s even harder to bring yourself back to present time. Know you’re body and what it needs like productivity depends on it, because it does.

Next is going to be tuning into your grounding Masculine side, otherwise known as your Divine Masculine or left brain. This side is all about logic, practicality, time, schedules and how to operate in your human world.

This is where the practice comes in.

You are going to have to practice HOW to:

Make a schedule the night before of the tasks you wish to accomplish the next day. This schedule includes the time you are going to complete the task, down to when you make your bed in the morning. *This will show you how long each task takes at the beginning and empower you to feel accomplished every day.

Practice a Morning Ritual that grounds you every day. This can be a meditation, yoga flow, breathing exercises, intention/goal writing. Find a practice or practices that set your day up to be successful and ground you at the same time.

Practice an Unwind Ritual for the end of the day that allows you to rest, gather your wild energy, recenter and make your schedule for the next day. This can also be a time to do something creative like cook, paint, colour, dance or sing.

Set boundaries with your work & play. Your wild soul needs time to be free. This needs to be a priority in your schedule after you’ve accomplished tasks that need to be completed. I like to carve out one day in the week where I do minimal work related tasks and allow myself to be free of time— as free as I can be.

We also always need to remember how connected we are with the phases of the Moon. This is CRITICAL to support us in our entrepreneurial journeys. I will be writing another article soon on the Phases of the Moon and Productivity.

Stay tuned!

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