Hey you! I'm Natalie Kehren.

I am a Toronto based woman who has always been a dreamer, an all or nothing-er, a seeker of truth, of empowerment and freedom. After making the choice to live my life as I dreamt it to be, I saw becoming an entrepreneur and business owner as a way to make this possible and merge all my passions into one. 


I am the founder of Holistic World, co-founder and creator of The Wellness Market, the creator and mentor of the 8-week program Healing to Begin: Breaking Through to Rise and a leader in the wellness community.


As humans I believe we have the ability to reach our highest potential possible and from there, honour ourselves by creating a life we truly wish to live. No gimmicks. No illusions. Just living in our authenticity. 

With a background in Holistic Health with certification as a C.N.H.P, a Creatrix of Sacred Women’s Circles and as a Spiritual Director, my personal and professional journey led to focus on energetics. 


Energetics has the ability to strongly impact anyone's life once you have the knowledge. Life has pulled me toward this direction because of my psychic abilities which have always been present in my life. Learning to accept, master and expand them in an environment that has yet to fully understand this aspect of wellness & spirituality, has brought me the gift to teach other women how to do the same. Although it is a fully rounded gift, it comes specifically with the gift of channeling and being able to see anyone's emotional and spiritual pain. This allows insight into how to heal it and through healing, help women arrive at their highest potential. Seeing the strength in helping others discover their own unique empowerment tools is my inspiration, passion and the reason I no longer shy away from sharing this with world & all the amazing women I work with.


My goal with you is to show you how incredible you are. How worthy you are of everything this world has to offer. Yet I will also show you your pain. We will walk together through your journey and come out the other side where everything is possible & you become the creator of your life- fully and authentically.


Creating a loving and supportive community where everyone can be supported and welcomed has always been a huge intention of mine. This is where The Wellness Market in Toronto comes in as well as the heartfelt community growing online everyday. The inspiration that pours out from there is such a blessing. To all of you reading this, thank you. My goal is to give back as much as you give me! 


Life is an adventure you design. Everything you need is in you. I am humbled to be living out my passion and the life of my dreams. 

Now let me help you find yours. 


Natalie  xo